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Win a wonderbra modelling

contract and prizes worth R150 000

Terms and Conditions

  1. By entering the Wonderbra SA Icon Search 2019 competition, all participants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  2. In order to be eligible to enter the competition, a participant:
    1. Must be older than 18, or under 32 years of age by June 2019.
    2. Must be a legal South African citizen or resident.
    3. Have no criminal record.
    4. Must enter via the online entry form on the official Wonderbra SA website: www.wonderbra.co.za
    5. Must load 3 clear colour j-peg or png (3 MB or less in size) photographs of themselves, 1 photo must be a head and shoulders front view (preferably smiling, showing teeth), 1 photo must be full length (head to toe) front view and 1 photo must be full length (head to toe) back view.
    6. No nudity will be allowed or accepted.
    7. No group photos will be accepted as an entry.
    8. No person will be accepted if the terms and conditions 'tick box' has not been checked.
    9. It is the entrant's responsibility to ensure she will be available to travel to Durban during April May, June and July 2019. Flights and accommodation expenses will be covered by Hanes SA for the semi-finalists only.
    10. Models may enter, but Hanes SA will not pay any commission, usage or agency fees to any Modeling Agency whatsoever.
    11. Once the entrant has completed the entry requirements, the information will be reviewed to ensure all specifications are met.
    12. Once reviewed and all specifications have been met, the successful entrant will receive an email within 3 working days advising if entry has been placed into the competition to the email address specified on the entry form.
    13. Winner must be prepared to appear on Wonderbra SA promotional platforms which may include TV, Web, posters, leaflets, radio and on and/or within magazines as well as Wonderbra SA Facebook and Wonderbra SA Instagram.
    14. Entry into the Wonderbra SA Icon Search 2019 is taken entirely at your own risk and by entering this competition you agree to accept further communication from Hanes SA.
    15. You represent and warrant that you own or otherwise control all of the rights to the content that you post; that the content and information submitted is your own and accurate; that use of the content you supply does not violate this policy and will not cause injury to any person or entity; and that you will indemnify Hanes SA and its Partners, for all claims resulting from content you supply.
    16. Hanes SA has the right but not the obligation to regulate and edit or remove any activity or content posted by applicants and users. Hanes SA and/or its Partners take no responsibility and assume no liability for any materials posted by you or any third party.
    17. All User information will be treated as confidential and in conformity with South African data privacy Laws and will not be disclosed to third parties except in situations where: Hanes SA is legally compelled to do so, disclosure to any persons/companies involved in the organization of this competition is necessary to carry the competition.
    18. All images submitted as entries into the competition will become and remain the property of Hanes SA. Images may be used commercially to advertise the Wonderbra SA Icon Search 2019 competition with Hanes SA and its sponsors, as well as distributed, without credit or payment, across digital and print platforms. This applies to additional content generated via any photo-shoots. Any photographs and user information not be used for promoting or carrying out the competition will be deleted in conformity with South African data privacy Laws.
  3. All participants who meet the eligibility requirements set out above will be automatically entered into the competition.
  4. The following persons and entities are not eligible to participate in the competition:
    1. Directors, members, partners, employees, agents of or consultants to Hanes SA, its subsidiaries, divisions and/or associated companies or any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by Hanes SA, and their spouses, life partners, immediate family members and business partners;
    2. Directors, members, partners, employees, agents of or consultants to the advertising and promotion agencies of Hanes and their spouses, life partners, immediate family members and business partners;
  5. Competition entries accepted from 5 April 2019 and closes on 5 June 2019 at 12 pm.
  6. Each month, 3 semi-finalists will be chosen (selected by the Wonderbra SA judging panel and guest judges). Final winner will be chosen by Wonderbra SA judges and guest judges, and will be revealed in July 2019.
  7. One final winner will be chosen by a group of judges, which are representatives from Hanes SA as well as neutral and invited guest judges. The winner will be announced by 5 July 2019, the judges' decision is final and no correspondence in this regard will be entered into.
    1. The winner will be the face of Wonderbra SA for the year, starting 1 July 2019 – 30 June 2020
  8. The prizes for the competition are as follows:
    1. A cash prize from Wonderbra SA to the value of R40 000, subject to signing a modeling contract with Wonderbra SA.
    2. A 1 year modelling contract with Wonderbra SA
    3. A photographic portfolio shoot with a top photographer to the value of approximately R15 000.
    4. A travel set from Samsonite valued at R10 000.
    5. A getaway with spa treatments and game drives for two people sharing at Gwahumbe Reserve Game & Spa to the value of R6 000.
    6. Havaianas will make sure the winner is tip to toe perfect.
    7. Hanes underwear and clothing to the value of R50 000.
    8. Half day social media influencer training workshop to the value of R6 000
    9. One on one media/spokesperson training (2hrs) to the value of R6 000
    10. Business mentorship, with Hanes SA, to the value of R10 000
    11. All details relating to the portfolio and contract will be discussed with the winner directly and detailed in a contract.
    12. All details relating to the photo-shoot will be discussed with the winner directly and detailed in a contract.
    13. The winner will be required to be present in Durban during July 2019 for some days.
    14. Details of the accommodation and itinerary will be discussed with the winner directly.
    15. The winner will not receive a salary or income for the photo-shoot.
    16. Hanes SA will not be responsible for any loss of income should the winner not be able to obtain leave from current employer.
    17. The winner may not post, send or share any photographs prior to the leaflet, social media or magazines being distributed, the winner will be provided with specific dates involved for distribution. Winner shall keep all information about the competition confidential until disclosure will be approved by Hanes SA.
    18. The winner's name, image, voice and photographs will be displayed on various Wonderbra SA and partners/sponsors marketing platforms which may include but not be limited to TV, radio, web, posters, point of sale, catalogues and leaflets and on and/or within print, online and social media.
    19. By entering the competition you grant explicit consent to this and agree to an agreed schedule of appearances.
    20. Flights and accommodation will be awarded to the winner and semi-finalists.
    21. Should the winner choose to bring a person along, Hanes SA will not be responsible for any losses, damages, costs or claims resulting from any travel or photo-shoot events.
    22. Should the winner choose to bring a person under the age of 18 years, it is the winner's sole responsibility to ensure the minor is taken care of in every aspect and not left unattended.
  9. The prizes are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or for any other item. If, for any reason, Hanes SA cannot provide any of the prizes, Hanes SA will award an alternative prize of a similar value
  10. The winner will be required to provide Hanes SA with proof of identification in the form of a valid identity document, passport or South African driver's license.
  11. Notification and delivery of prizes:
    1. The winner's contact details will be obtained from the online entry form via the Wonderbra SA website. The winner will be informed telephonically and/or via e-mail within 5 working days after the judges’ final decision.
    2. Hanes SA reserves the right to disqualify a semi-finalist if she does not respond to the telephone call and/or e-mail notification within 4 working days of being contacted, indicating that she accepts the position. In such event, Wonderbra SA will be entitled to select another semi-finalist within 1 working day thereafter.
    3. If a semi-finalist cannot make the photoshoot for any reason, the semi-finalist will forfeit her place and another semi-finalist will be selected.
    4. The winner will be contacted telephonically and or via e-mail to arrange a date, time and place to discuss winner fulfillment, within 5 working days of customer being notified and deemed the winner.
  12. The winners' name will be published on the official Wonderbra SAs' website (www.wonderbra.co.za), may or may not be published in Magazines, Wonderbra SA official Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/wonderbraSA) Wonderbra SA official Instagram account and sponsor’s social media pages.
  13. Unless the winner specifically states otherwise, each winner agrees to participate in all promotional activity and hereby consents to Hanes SA using her name, images and/or voice in any promotional material for the purpose of promoting the competition. No compensation will be payable for such use. The winner will have the right to withdraw her consent for the use of her name, images and/or voice prior to the contracts being agreed upon and signed by the winner or Hanes SA and thereby withdraw from the competition and wave any rights or claims thereof.
  14. The winner of the Wonderbra SA Icon Search 2019 will not allow her image to be used to advertise any competing product or brand for the specified period of time that she is the Wonderbra SA Icon.
    1. A copy of these terms and conditions will be available on the official Wonderbra SA website (www.wonderbra.co.za) from 5 April 2019 until 5 June 2019.
  15. By participating in the Competition, YOU agree, SUBJECT TO APPLICABLE LAW, THAT NEITHER Hanes SA NOR any OF THEIR RESPECTIVE advertising agencies WILL BE LIABLE FOR ANY losses, damages, COSTS OR claims in connection with the Competition or resulting from acceptance, possession, or use of any prize.

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