Did you know we actually have Canadian roots? From humble beginnings, where they were designed to be of good quality and in
the mid-priced range, our products have only soared in development and modernization.

During the wartime years, certain materials like elastics were unavailable, which affected the luxurious quality women’s underwear.

Wonderbra’s innovative edge allowed it to have a continuous competitive advantage. Since 1939 to now, our hard working teams across our brand and across the world, have worked tirelessly to provide women with better fitting underwear that will ultimately provide an irresistible final effect.

Wonderbra has been positioned as a fashionable and sensuous underwear brand. By still holding this title we aim to push this even further. Our desire is to equip women with beautiful underwear that will uplift them in more ways
than one.
We celebrate women who are in charge of their own lives, who are go-getters and who want to feel sexy for themselves! Our purpose is to provide women with gorgeous products to support their busy and successful lifestyles.

A girl’s secret weapon when it comes to wearing those desirable bustier dresses or cute tops with fine straps. Our Ultimate Strapless Bras are those accessories that every girl just simple can’t live without.

Once in place this bra doesn’t go anywhere, perfect for a summer’s day picnic date or a girls night out on the town.

Want to spice up your everyday look without going over the top? Wonderbra’s Full effect push up bras will add on 2 extra sizes without the fuss. Their soft gels and air pads added to the cups give you that extra lift whilst still looking natural and classy.

We have put all our effort and talent into designing these extra-comfortable bras to give you a stunning bust!